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National Pinot Noir Day – Pair Local Takeaway Food

It’s National Pinot Noir Day Thursday, August 18th, so what a perfect excuse to have a couple of glasses of the good stuff and order some great local takeaway food from getzz!

Pinot Noir is a red wine variety that oozes summer flavours of wild strawberries, cherries, and berries. It‘s a smooth and complex wine that is hard to beat at the dinner table or anywhere else for that matter.

The name Pinot Noir is derived from the French words for ‘pine’ and ‘black’. The word ‘pine’ refers to the grapes growing in pinecone shaped bunches.

Originally the wine came from the Burgundy region in France, but these days there are some great examples of the wine coming out of countries like New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina.

Why not settle down with a bottle of Pinot Noir and a great local takeaway that will complement the wine and take your night to the next level?!

Have a look at the getzz guide to what local food to pair your wine with!

Pinot Noir Local Takeaway Food Pairing Suggestions:

Look for the following types of meals on your favourite takeaway app – getzz – to elevate the taste of your food and the wine:


Pork is leaner than beef, so it’s a great meat to pair with Pinot Noir.  Fatter cuts of meat will overpower the wine’s lighter structure and low tannin count – leaving you with a diluted wine experience.  Why not try the tasty Sweet & Sour Pork from Kool Runnings to pair with your wine?

The best Jamaican restaurant in Scotland has some terrific local Inverness takeaway food that’ll have you ordering seconds!


Duck can overwhelm light wines because of its heavier fat content compared to that of chicken.  It might have more fat content, but it is still considered very light compared to beef. The Pinot’s light level of tannins perfectly complements the fat levels in the meat, making duck a great element of your meal to pair with your wine.

Why not try Blacksmiths’ range of duck dishes to pair with your red? Their Roast Duck with Mushroom is a tasty pairing as Pinot Noir goes great with mushroom dishes too!


Salmon’s strong, the distinctive flavour might overwhelm white wines, but Pinot Noir pairs very well with the tasty fish. Pair your Pinot with other strong fish dishes like anchovies, herring, and mackerel. Add a mild butter sauce to punch up the flavours of the wine and the fish.

A great local takeaway food to try with your Pinot Noir is Little Italy. Try their Farfalle con Salmone with your bottle of plonk. Pasta bows cooked with king prawns and smoked salmon, flambeed in Pernod – gorgeous! A great dish for any day of the week made with fresh local Inverness ingredients and authentic Italian flavours.


Red wine is not traditionally associated with shellfish, but if you’re not a big fan of white wines and fancy some red with your crustacean, Pinot Noir is the best of the bunch.  Stick to light, less creamy sauces and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a red with your shellfish. 

Local Inverness takeaway restaurant Little Italy do a wonderful Agnolotti Alla Aragosta that would pair nicely with a Pinot Noir. Filled pasta with ricotta and lobster with a rose sauce, finished with sambuca. This is a cracker of a dish to lift your wine experience. 

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken goes against the old recommendation that the colour of the wine should match the colour of the meat. Pinot Noir goes great with this Indian dish! Tandoori chicken also goes well with white wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel.

Why not download getzz and order from Sam’s Indian Takeaway for a great local takeaway food pairing? They do an unforgettable tandoori chicken prepared in their in-house clay oven to maximise the authentic Indian flavours!

Order Local Takeaway Food from getzz

Looking for great local takeaway food in Inverness? Look no further than the getzz app – the local Inverness takeaway app that finds the ‘best takeaways near me’ and delivers them to your door!

On getzz, they only have the best local food delivered to your door or prepared fresh for collection from great local places like the above!

There are loads to choose from on getzz. If you’re looking for a ‘takeaway near me’, download the app now and see what’s cooking!

Don’t Just Eat, Inverness – getzz local!

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