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Top 7 Chinese Takeaway Dishes

Inverness’s love affair with Chinese food shows no sign of ending. With the huge variety of exotic dishes, flavours, and combinations, every takeaway feels like a treat! But what do you order from your favourite Chinese takeaway in Inverness? Do you have a favourite Chinese dish or meal? Or do you like to try something different from the menu every time you order? Whatever you like to order from Chinese takeaways in Inverness, some dishes are ordered from ‘Chinese takeaways near me’ more often than others. Here’s a few of the most popular dishes being ordered from your local Chinese takeaway.

Have you tried all of these top 7 Chinese Takeaway dishes?   

Spring Rolls

Every good Chinese meal should be accompanied by these stalwarts of takeaway delivery. Spring rolls are traditionally eaten during the spring festival in China (hence the name). and are believed to bring wealth and prosperity in the new year.  They come in veggie and savoury versions with the garden spring roll filled with all sorts of vegetable goodness like bamboo shoots, peppers, cabbage, and carrots, whilst the savoury spring roll will have the added bite of chicken or perhaps pork. Either version is a great start to any Chinese meal, especially once you drench the wee fella in dipping sauce! 

Chow Mein

Chow Mein is a staple dish for many Chinese takeaway fans. Stir-fried noodles with a mix of pork, beef, chicken or vegetables and superb combinations of noodles, bean sprouts and water chestnuts, it is a dish that ticks all the boxes when ordering from local Chinese takeaways. Served as a main dish or as a side, these textures make a cracking dish that’s loved right across the country.

Sweet and Sour

Battered chicken, pork or king prawn with that incomparable, iconic sauce made from sugar, honey, rice vinegar, soy sauce and ginger, is something once tasted is never forgotten. Whack in some peppers and pineapple and you’ve got a party on your plate. Best served with good old fried rice as a meal or a sensational side dish.  

Egg Fried Rice

Not a noodle lover? Egg fried rice is the accompaniment you’re looking for! It’s a great side dish to any Chinese meal and will lift any dish from mere morsel to a meal to remember!  It’s a favourite side dish, even above the eternal Scottish accompaniment – chips!

Crispy Aromatic Duck

Crispy aromatic duck was created in the latter half of the twentieth century and is a very similar dish to Peking duck. The duck is first marinated in mouth-watering spices, then steamed until tender, and finally deep-fried until good and crispy. Usually served with pancakes, onions, cucumber and smoky hoisin and is more of a ‘build your own meal’ when it delivered to your door! This is a great fusion between Chinese cuisine and British tastes, making a dish that is a pure favourite when ordering from Inverness Chinese takeaways.

Special Fried Rice

Who doesn’t love some special fried rice? It has all the goodness of fried rice but with so much more added! Special fried rice has extra goodies like onions, prawns and chicken along with everything you usually get in fried rice, like ham, peas and corn. Add some of that special Chinese gravy and then you’ve got something special! Each Chinese takeaway’s version is slightly different, but you’ll never get a bad one!  This is one of the most popular dishes in Chinese restaurants and takeaways, and as well as being tasty, you always will get a healthy amount that will fill even the hungriest of bellies!

Chop Suey

Chop suey is widely believed to have been invented in the U.S. by Chinese Americans but can be traced back to the Chinese dish “tsap seui” meaning “miscellaneous leftovers”. This cracking Chinese dish offers meat or fish (chicken, beef, prawns, pork) and eggs, cooked quickly with a range of vegetables including bean sprouts, cabbage and celery. It’s then covered in a thick, tasty sauce, and then served with rice or stir-fried noodles, making it a dish to be reckoned with.

Salt & Chilli ANYTHING!

We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of Salt and chilli dishes from Chinese takeaways over the last couple of years. The tasty flavouring has been added to anything from chips to chicken, tofu to seafood. Inverness can’t get enough of the spicy flavour that contains crushed chilli flakes, garlic powder, ground ginger and ground white pepper. A great dish for a Saturday night takeaway!

Have you got a favourite meal? What do you think is the best Chinese dish?

Where Can I Order Chinese Takeaway in Inverness?

Inverness has a great range of cracking Chinese takeaways and restaurants. You can get the best local takeaways delivered to your door tonight through the Inverness takeaway app – getzz!

getzz brings you the best local food at the touch of a button. Great local Chinese dishes are just waiting to be ordered from the best Chinese restaurants in Inverness:

Blacksmiths Pub and Cantonese Restaurant & Takeaway – The Culloden Chinese and pub is famous for its salt and chilli range of dishes, as well as its diverse menu of great Chinese classics to enjoy and new dishes to try! Their Monday Munchie Box must be seen to be believed! All this food for only £20 every Monday!

  • chicken curry 🍛
  • honey glazed chicken wings 🍯
  • salt and chilli chicken🌶️
  • salt and chilli chips🌶️
  • onion rings🔥
  • won tons😋
  • mini spring rolls💯
  • samosas🌟
  • ribs🍖
  • chicken balls 🍗
  • sweet and sour sauce 😋
  • fried rice 🍚
  • soft noodles🍜

Wok Inn at The Abbey Inn Kinloss – The best pub in Kinloss offers a great Cantonese fusion menu that’ll leave you ‘won ton’ more! 😉 They also have a great Munchie Box on Monday that ticks all the local Chinese food boxes for just £20 every Monday!

  • 😋chicken curry
  • 😋noodles
  • 😋egg fried rice
  • 😋mini vegetable spring rolls
  • 😋sweet and sour sauce
  • 😋salt and chilli chips
  • 😋salt and chilli chicken
  • 😋onion rings
  • 😋chicken wings
  • 😋spare ribs
  • 😋battered chicken balls.

What a feast!

There’s loads of great local Inverness takeaways to choose from on getzz. So, if you’re looking for ‘Chinese food near me’ or curries in Inverness, or any local Inverness takeaway delivery, download the app now and see what’s on the menu tonight!

Don’t Just Eat Inverness, getzz local!

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