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Top Tips on How to Support Local Inverness Businesses

“Support Local Business” is our mantra at getzz. Jeff Bezos might be off to space, but our local Inverness businesses still have their feet on the ground providing the people of Inverness with quality goods and services. Sure, you could buy from Amazon and support Bezos’s joyride into space. But your money could instead be going to local businesses, the local workers and their families. If you choose the latter, then your money gets reinvested into the local Inverness economy and community. Supporting local businesses just makes sense!

Getzz Support Local

At getzz, every penny you spend on the app goes to these businesses, the workers and their suppliers. We at getzz charge a fraction of the fee big delivery apps like Just Eat Inverness and Deliveroo Inverness to our local food partners. The delivery fee also goes directly to the driver which all goes to make sure your money gets reinvested in our local community. Getzz is the Inverness delivery app made in Inverness, for Inverness. 

If you’d like to help local businesses too, read our “Top Tips on How to Support Local Businesses” and help Inverness grow instead of sending another Billionaire into the stratosphere!

Buy Local to Support Local.

This is the top tip to help support local businesses. Buying from multinationals and big brands sends your money into whichever country the company has its bank accounts with. Many global businesses that pepper our high streets and retail parks are based in far-flung exotic places. What that means is that much of the money you spend in these businesses doesn’t stay in Inverness.

However, if you shop locally, the money you spend goes to local owners and workers, who will invariably spend that money in other local businesses. This reinvestment in the local area is great for the economy and the community, which is great for everyone.  

The pandemic forced many businesses to close temporarily and some permanently, sadly.

Shop Locally Online.

Shopping online has always been popular. But, with the arrival of the pandemic, it has never been so popular. People having to isolate during the pandemic increased online shopping greatly, and many local businesses had to shift their business online to reach their customers. So, with so many local businesses selling their goods online now, you can get your favourite local food and goods delivered or prepared for pick up. To help support local, choose to shop online at local businesses rather than give your money to big online retailers.

Buy Local Gift Cards to Support Local

Gift cards are a great way to support local Inverness businesses. Gift them to friends and family or buy a gift card to a local restaurant if it’s closed and use it at a later date. This will help the business survive when closed to their regular clientele.

Write Online Reviews.   

Write online reviews of your favourite local businesses and let them and the rest of the world know how great they are. This public praise not only lets everyone know how good a job they’re doing!

If you review the business on Google, it can seriously boost its online presence. The better reviews they have, the more likely they are to appear on Google searches! Other useful sites to review businesses are TripAdvisor, Yelp, Trustpilot, and social media sites like Facebook.   

Get Liking and Sharing to Support Local.

Many businesses live and die by their online presence. Social media can be a great way to share your love for your favourite local businesses. Like, love or wow their posts to show you care. But if you really want to make a difference, share and comment on the posts too. This action will increase their exposure on social media platforms and let more people see their great work!  

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