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What is Caribbean Cuisine?

If you’re new to Caribbean food, why not have a look at the getzz guide to Caribbean cuisine? This guide is sure to whet your appetite for an authentic Jamaican feast from Kool Runnings.

You might think the Caribbean might be a world away from Inverness, but we do have a Jamaican link with the “Best Jamaican Restaurant in Scotland” Kool Runnings lighting up Church Street with their great food.

If you’re new to Caribbean food, why not have a look at the getzz guide to Caribbean cuisine? This guide is sure to whet your appetite for an authentic Jamaican feast from Kool Runnings

Kool Runnings – tropical tastes in the heart of the Highlands

Flavours in Caribbean Cooking

First off, the Caribbean has a variety of differing cuisines. From Trinidad and Tobago to Jamaica and all the islands in between, they all have their own unique dishes and cooking styles. These styles and flavours are derived from a melting pot of ethnicities, histories, and influences worldwide.

Caribbean food has influences from the indigenous Arawaks and Caribs, to the overseas influences from visitors from Africa, India and Europe. So, this makes Caribbean food chock full of flavours, herbs and spices from across the globe. Herbs and spices like ginger, thyme, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg paprika and garlic bring these unique dishes to life.

Key Ingredients in Caribbean Cooking

The flavour palate of Caribbean cooking is somewhat different from what’s found in Scottish cuisine. Vegetables like sweet potato, bell peppers, and tomatoes are amongst the most common of ingredients. Plantain is another common ingredient that is not normally found in Europe used in Caribbean cooking. Also, coconut flavours a lot of the region’s dishes, especially as a base for a creamy Caribbean curry.

Central to many Caribbean dishes is the spicy Scotch Bonnet chilli. Because who doesn’t love a bit of spice in their life? But don’t worry though, if you’re not a spice fan, there are plenty of dishes that have a milder heat that will still have your taste buds tingling.


Jerk is the most famous style of Caribbean cooking. It’s a way of marinating and grilling meat with a mixture of seasoning and spices. Many cooks have their signature mixture, but it usually contains ingredients like garlic, five-spice, nutmeg, thyme, onion, and the ever-important scotch bonnet!

The mixture is massaged into the meat and left to marinate overnight so the meat is packed with those spicy flavours.

Jerk chicken is the most famous form of the dish and Kool Runnings have some great jerk dishes! 

Order glorious Jamaican food from Kool Runnings and getzz

Some Classic Caribbean Food At Kool Runnings Inverness

Order yourself a ‘Wee Taste of Jamaica’ and try the unique flavours that Kool Runnings brings to the table. Their award-winning chef, Glenroy Glaze h,as an affinity for creating great CaCaribbean-inspiredishes and providing authentic Jamaican dishes, some straight from the chef’s own grandmother!

Curried Goat, Jerk Chicken, Rasta Pasta, Rice n Peas, Plantain and Ackee are some of the exotic dishes waiting for you at “The Best Jamaican Restaurant in Scotland”!

Kool Runnings’ range of Jamaican style burgers is the talk of Inverness too. These burgers are not to be beaten, from Curried Goat burgers to Highland Venison burgers with a Caribbean twist.

Where Can I Order Caribbean Food in Inverness?

You can have this great Caribbean food delivered in Inverness by getzz – the local Inverness delivery app. Why not get Kool Runnings’ Munchie Box delivered to your door and have like a little of everything Jamaican? 

All this food for only £21.95!

  • Jamaican Ackee & Fried Plantain
  • Steamed Callaloo & Okra in coconut milk
  • Cajun & ginger marinated jerk chicken wings
  • Pork ribs in a dark rum flavoured sauce
  • Jamaican style escovitch fish with fried dumplings
  • Jerk pork cheeks in a tropical pineapple sauce
  • Jamaican Rice n’ Peas
  • Oven roast Cajun sweet potato wedges
  • Spicy ground beef patty with salad
The Jamaican Munchie Box from Kool Runnings

Download the getzz app now to see what’s on the menu tonight for delivery to your door or made freshly for collection.

getzz delivers the best in local Inverness takeaways, whether it be Jamaican food, fish and chips, Indian curries or anything else, getzz has something for everyone looking for local Inverness takeaway delivery! 

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