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Who Invented the Burger?

The UK burger market is worth close to £4Billion. From fast food to fancy gourmet burgers, there is plenty of variety in the burger market, and burgers in Inverness are no exception! But where did this humble beef patty sandwich start life and how did it find its way into our restaurants and bellies?

Who Invented the Burger? – The Candidates

You’d think that such a famous food would have a clear candidate as the inventor, but unfortunately, there is no John T. Burger to bestow that accolade on. There are few candidates for that crown with varying degrees of plausibility in their claim to be the Burger King… 

The oldest claim to the throne dates back to 1885 with a teenager called Charlie Nagreen. At the age of 15, Charlie was working at the Seymour Fair in Wisconsin and it’s claimed he was selling a meatball between two slices of bread to customers. He reportedly named the dish a ‘hamburger’ after the Hamburg steak the local German immigrants were so familiar with, earning him the nickname ‘Hamburger Charlie’.

Another theory comes from the same year with Frank and Charles Menches, brothers who sold a ground beef sandwich at the Erie County Fair of Hamburg, New York in 1885. They hadn’t set out to sell these sandwiches, but when they ran out of pork sausage they substituted it with beef.  The story of how the dish got its name would then come from Hamburg New York, rather than the city in Germany, as other theories may claim.

The next theory concerns a German cook named Otto Kuasw. The story goes that in 1891 Otto served a sandwich made of a fillet of beef patty fried in butter and topped with a fried egg to American Sailors in Hamburg. The sandwich was called the “Deutsches Beefsteak” and the American sailors took the idea home to New York City and the sandwiches began to spread through American restaurants.

The next claimant comes from Athens, Texas, where Fletcher Davis is said to have invented the hamburger. The story goes that he opened a lunch counter in Athens and served a dish of fried ground beef patties with mustard and onion between two slices of bread, with a pickle on the side. This claim is backed up by an old photo of ‘Old Dave’s Hamburger Stand’ from 1904!

The last candidate for the top of the burger pops is Louis Lassen, owner of Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut. It is said that they served a dish that replaced steaks with leftover beef trimmings in 1900.

Burgers in Britain

It took a while for Britain to jump on the burger bandwagon and it’s not until the 1950s do we see the rise of Burger based meals on our streets. The first burger bar in Britain was the much-loved ‘Wimpy’ in 1954. Wimpy is an American brand set up by a German immigrant who used Popeye’s burger munching mate as the inspiration for their restaurant. Since then, burgers have gone from strength to strength. Whether it be the fast-food style burgers from burger chains or gorgeous gourmet efforts from local eateries – everyone loves a burger!

The burger has moved on from its basic ground beef days and now we see all sorts of inventive ingredients. Pulled pork, venison, and even beetroot have worked their way into the Inverness Burger market and with plenty of other choices and accompaniments available, the options for fans of the tasty dish have never been more diverse.

Where Can I Get the Best Burgers in Inverness?

Delivery companies like Just Eat Inverness, Uber Eats Inverness, Deliveroo Inverness, and getzz have made it even easier to get the best burgers in Inverness delivered to your door. Out of these Inverness takeaway delivery apps, it’s the only getzz that has the best of local restaurants to choose from and help support local restaurants and workers by passing on the delivery fees directly to the drivers and don’t charge the restaurants the earth to reach the hungry public!

On getzz you can choose from a great range of burgers from fantastic local restaurants:

Lorimers Family Restaurant Inverness – the ever-popular family restaurant is well known for their chip shop option, but their burger range is fantastic too. How about a Triple Decker bacon & cheese burger? Or maybe a Pulled Pork or vegetarian burger?

Crown Court Hotel – a great choice of classic burgers, from double patty patter to extras like black pudding and blue cheese.

Scotch & Rye – a famously diverse range of burgers populate their menu. Beetroot burgers, Halloumi stacks, and the Apocalypse Cow has to be tasted to be believed. It was recently named as one of the “9 of the best burgers to try out in the north-east, Moray and Highlands” by the Press & Journal!

Brambles Café – Brambles are famous for their box meals and on Saturday they do a great burger box that includes 2 of their Inverness-famous burgers. Choose from burgers like

  • The Las Vegas Burger: Beef burger, cheese, Bacon BBQ sauce
  • The Culloden: Beef Burger. Blue cheese, Bacon
  • The Mexicana: Beef Burger, chilli, cheese & salsa

Plus loads more!

Download getzz app to find the best Inverness takeaway delivery, whether it be burgers, curries, or fish and chips – don’t just eat Inverness – getzz local!

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