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Why TV and Takeaways Are Such a Good Combination

With 72% of us typically eating at least one of our main meals of the day in front of the TV, and the takeaway industry growing year on year, it seems that takeaway and telly is the perfect activity for many after the stress of the day are done! We took a look at the reasons why we love to chow down on a Chinese or feast on a fish supper in front of our favourite TV programme or on a movie night on the sofa.

Why Do We Love TV So Much?

The invention of the internet made many a commentator predict the end of television, but despite expectations that the world wide web would usurp the art of TV, the medium has become even more popular with the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) showing the average amount of time we spend watching TV is at a whopping 30 hours a week – over four hours a day!   This average was taken before the COVID-19 pandemic, however, so it’s a reasonable assumption that this average could be much higher over the last couple of years.

According to new research by London Business School, TV viewing meets our psychological needs to both relax and escape from our reality. Sitting down to watch your favourite show is also a far cheaper pastime than other activities and is more readily available than ever before through new technology like tablets, laptops and the ever-present mobile phone.  

On average, we spend about a quarter of our lives watching screens, and although many people might point to the negative aspects of sedentary activities such as this, it does have many positive effects like boosting our relaxation and allowing watchers to escape from personal stresses – something that has become even more essential since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. The London Business School’s research has concluded that TV viewing has continued to increase because it still meets our same basic psychological needs as in the past, but we now have many more opportunities to be viewers throughout the day through various platforms rather than having to wait to get home and just watch whatever happens to be on the box like the old days.

TV serves more than just the basic needs of the watcher, however. Alongside the superficial excitement of tense cliff-hangers, exhilarating action scenes, and plot twists in your favourite series and movies, TV’s main attraction comes from its ability to unearth our emotions, to help us learn, to inform us about the world, and to indulge us in what’s called ‘para-social’ relationships with fictional characters, who can serve as substitute friends and relatives. These qualities have been essential of late, especially through various lockdowns when many could not see family and friends and surrogate relationships were nurtured through huge TV hits during lockdowns like Netflix’s Tiger King or the continued success of Line of Duty.

TV is escapism and emotional investment without any real threat. TV can transport you to whole other planets or inform you of the problems on this one – a genuinely great communication device that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon!

What’s so Good About Takeaways?

Like TV, the demand for takeaways has soared over the last few years. Now with the help of food delivery services such as Uber Eats Inverness, Just Eat Inverness, Deliveroo Inverness, and Inverness’s local takeaway app getzz, it’s never been easier to have your favourite dinner delivered directly to our door!

Before the 2020 pandemic, the UK takeaway industry was valued at an eyewatering £8.5 billion, growing in 2021 to a staggering £11.2 billion with people staying home and restaurants diversifying their business to suit the restrictions of the day.

Other than the ease that takeaways offer our increasingly busy lives, they also act as a ‘comfort food’ for many of us too. They are great mood lifters when the day has been challenging and a fantastic treat when there is something to celebrate (even if that something is just making it to the weekend!). The reason we love takeaway treats could be rooted in our biology as well as your favourite Chinese dishes being just too darn tasty! 

Our bodies produce three magical hormones that heighten our taste for takeaways: dopamine, cortisol, and serotonin.

Dopamine is where it all starts. Just thinking about our favourite takeaway can trigger dopamine in our brains, making us want to order a local Inverness takeaway delivery and get munching in front of the telly!

Cortisol is the main stress hormone and whenever we’re feeling a wee bit stressed or anxious about something, cortisol gets released in our brains, which gets us in the mood for that special ‘takeaway near me’ that you now will relax you in front of your favourite telly programme.

The final hormone is serotonin or the ‘happy hormone’ to its pals. This hormone is found to affect our desire for so-called ‘comfort foods’. Serotonin in the brain is triggered by components in chicken, cheese, fish, chocolate and carbs – all very common elements in our favourite takeaways in Inverness.

Why We Love Takeaways and Telly

Ditch the dull dinners and the dishes and pair great TV and great local takeaway food! It’ll beat the stress, help you relax, and fill your belly full of great local food! Ordering from local takeaways through getzz – your local Inverness delivery app will also help the local economy as at getzz we don’t charge the restaurants the earth like other apps, and every penny you spend goes to the local business, the delivery driver, and to getzz itself which is an Inverness business itself too! How many more reasons do you need to order a takeaway for tonight’s telly from getzz?!

Where Can I Get Local Inverness Takeaway Delivery?

You can getzz great local food delivered from great local businesses like:

Blacksmiths Pub and Cantonese Restaurant & Takeaway – Blacksmiths specialise in great Inverness food delivery and if you’re looking for a Chinese takeaway in Inverness, you won’t get any better than Blacksmiths! Their Salt ‘n Chilli is not to be sniffed at! Check out their special takeaway exclusive deals on getzz. Great tasting Chinese takeaway in Inverness for a great price!

Café 1 – Sophisticated dining brought directly to your door from Café 1. Dishes packed with flavour and a local flair that is unrivalled.

Café de Paulo – Breakfast, lunch and afternoon teas delivered to your door direct from the Victorian Market, Inverness. Check out their baked good too – sublime local Inverness food.

Garnish on Greig Street – try their Saturday brunch 10 am-2 pm. Hot filled rolls, brunchy wraps and all-round great food delivered in Inverness.

Georges Thai & South Indian Restaurant – George’s has the most unique offerings of dishes with its Thai and South Indian inspired cuisine. A place you can order from every day of the week and not get tired of their distinctive menu.

Kool Runnings – Scotland’s best Jamaican restaurant has some great dishes to delight the whole family! They offer traditional British fare alongside some fantastic Caribbean dishes that leave you smiling from ear to ear! Try their delicious range of Jamaican inspired burgers to add some spice to your night. 

La Tortilla Asesina – Tapas in Inverness was put on the map when La Tortilla came to town! They do some great deals on their perfecto paella and their sangria is unmatched in Inverness. A great choice of takeaway

Lorimers Family Restaurant – Inverness restaurants don’t come any better than Lorimers. A local institution and probably the best fish ‘n’ chips in Inverness. You could easily eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from Lorimers all week and still be looking on the menu for your soon-to-be new favourite dish from the local Inverness restaurant.

Sam’s Indian Cuisine – Curry delivery in Inverness is a popular choice and you can’t go wrong with a spicy dish from Sam’s in Church Street. Inverness curry fans have been enjoying Sam’s Indian and Bangladeshi food since the early ’80s and you won’t believe some of the great flavours Sam’s produce.

Wok Inn at The Abbey Inn Kinloss – The best pub in Kinloss offers a great Cantonese fusion menu that’ll leave you ‘won ton’ more! 😉 They also have a great Munchie Box on Monday that ticks all the local Chinese food boxes for just £20 every Monday!

There’s loads to choose from on getzz. If you’re looking for ‘takeaway near me’, download the app now and see what’s cooking!

Don’t Just Eat Inverness, getzz local!

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